What Next

It’s time to call the helpline number on your Cycling UK / British Cycling / London Cycling Campaign membership card and check out whoever you get to speak to.

If the experience fails to exceed (or even meet) expectations, consider seeking out a specialist or boutique firm which, although taking a levy on the damages, may make the experience pleasanter and achieve a better result, so making the charge less painful.

That’s where personal recommendation come in.

If you’ve had the misfortune to be taken out by another road user, highway defect or failed component, the material here and else place on this site ought to have provided some immediate points of advice.

You’ll now be ready to find a representative to take the claim forward. This is a very important step. We’re not touting for business on this site but trying to help cyclists help themselves, after over approaching 40 years of practical experience in the business and picking up the pieces.

If membership of a Club or your Insurance takes you in a particular direction, that’s fine, but still do your ‘due diligence’ to ensure the organization does actually have the knowledge and experience and isn’t just saying so.

Experts? Well, the only Experts are dead ones because everyone has something to learn; no-one knows it all. Your representative ought to be able to ‘talk bike’, know the relevant Road Traffic Law and Highway Code, be well versed in Highway Maintenance protocols and be able to proffer an informed appraisal of your circumstances and a guide to the value of the injury claim

Specialist Lawyer? The ONLY benchmark which raises a Personal Injury Solicitor above their fellows is membership of one of the Law Society’s Panels; here it’s the Personal Injury Panel. Acceptance onto the Headway or Spinal Injury Association Panels is also a helpful indicator of experience; chances are that anyone on the latter two will also be on the Law Society’s Panel.

There’s no other certification which is as thorough. Panel Membership cannot just be bought. While for reasons explained, a modest claim is unlikely to receive the personal attention of such a representative, their presence in the Firm does suggest an organization which is prepared to go the extra mile.