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Benefits to participants 

Cycling England’s concept of ‘more people cycling, more safely, more often’ is one which Cycle-Aid has supported with enthusiasm since the creation of the six Cycling Demonstration Towns.

An employer intending to turn the theory into practice in the form of a cycling element in a Workplace Travel Plan is likely to rapidly identify hurdles which must be overcome. These will include human, infrastructure and regulatory issues.

Cycle-Aid can assist in each, whether the employer is considering pool bikes, salary-sacrifice purchase or employees’ own (or a combination).

Although it is likely that a sector of the employees will rush to embrace any initiative, others may require encouragement. Security, hygiene and changing facilities are the usual primary needs.

Beyond these immediate practical requirements there is frequently the need for reassurance and support.

This may take the form of a source of advice akin to a motor or domestic insurance helpline. Cycle-Aid has provided just that since 1988 in the form of a Cyclists’ Helpline.  Neither joining fee nor subscription is required. Contact cards are issued free of charge.

Key points of advice are encapsulated in a bespoke ‘care booklet’ which is usually printed bearing the employer’s own name or style.

“Carrots” are often utilised to launch or revive a travel plan. Cycle-Aid has a range of safety and practical gear available for a range of budgets.

 A pre-requisite to the introduction of a scheme is likely to be an assessment of potential against current levels of activity. Cycle-Aid has produced a model to aid research.

Potentially the most daunting prospect for an employer is meeting the regulatory requirements in the form of risk management. Cycle-Aid has published a guidance which directs the employer to the key areas for consideration.

Insurance issues are raised in both the DfT and TfL papers on cycling in the travel plan. Again, Cycle-Aid has several suggestions as to how this area be addressed and the problem solved – and quite possibly with only modest expense.

Cycle-Aid offers a pro-active partnership involving participants and providers.

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